Making Steel The Sustainable Way

Leading our Industry in Environmental Responsibility. The full version of our Corporate Environmental Policy is available in our 2017 Sustainability Report.

Good For Business Can Be Good For The Environment

Nucor has raised the bar for steel mills and other recyclers. Our company is built on the sustainable model of recycling steel in massive volumes, and we continue to push recycled content into steel products where it was never considered viable. We’re also committed to perfecting new technologies that reduce emissions and increase energy efficiency. We’ve found ways to recycle water more efficiently, detect radiation in scrap and get more value from everything we do.

Environmental Policy

As North America’s largest recycler, we recognize our role in protecting the environment and the impact this has on both our operations and the communities where we operate. Our corporate environmental policy endorses the following principles:overlay-pixel


Continually improving our Environmental Management System (EMS).


Continually striving to minimize our environmental impact.


Holding every teammate, contractor, vendor and supplier accountable for compliance.


Holding environmental compliance equal with all other business functions.


Fostering open dialogue with teammates, neighbors and other concerned parties.

Environmental Management System

Nucor’s Environmental Management System (EMS) ensures compliance with environmental regulations and promotes innovation as we endeavor to go above and beyond.

All of Nucor’s existing steel mills have an EMS that has been independently certified to ISO 14001:2004 or ISO 14001:2015 standards, and newly acquired mills are on schedule to get EMS programs in place. Nucor’s EMS identifies ways Nucor can lower emissions, save energy, reduction pollution-prevention equipment downtime and conduct environmental training more efficiently.

Learn more about Nucor division certifications.

Our numbers tell a powerful story.

Forty-nine of our locations are recipients of Nucor's President's Environmental Award, designed to highlight Nucor facilities that achieve the highest levels of environmental excellence, while never losing sight of the fact that programs and systems constantly need to evolve and improve. See the full list of recipients in our 2017 Sustainability Report.

Our steelmaking operations reflect our commitment to environmental sustainability.



Total Recycled Content (in 2017)


4.17 MBTU/ton

Energy Intensity (2017)



Recycled Process Water

Greater than $50M

> $50 million budgeted

For environmental capital expenditures in 2017